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Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

Hello, and welcome to the home of the world’s worst blogger.

Connor is six months now and I have barely even introduced you all to him. He’s cute.  But he’s not, however, entirely sure about that Easter Bunny guy.

My new year’s resolution (which I always said should start WHENEVER you want it to, just do it for 365 days) is starting today. You’ll be seeing me again.

(Note: I am feeling all cocky because I got a little sleep last night. Connor was only up 3 times! And he slept in his own bed in his own room for the entire night for the FIRST TIME EVER.)


Somehow, it has been 12 weeks since Mr. Connor came into our lives. (Almost 13, in fact.)

Somehow, I have to take myself away from his little loving body all day today.

At least today and next week he will be getting loves from grandmas. But in two weeks, on January 20, he is already off to daycare. Where two strangers juggle eight little bodies, of which my sweet, sweet love is just another baby to them.

As you can see, this has been difficult.

Brady didn’t go to daycare until he was 5 months old, and that felt a lot more “right.” Even that was hard. This… there are no words. I have a lump in my throat at the thought. And I’ve been trying to snuggle him extra tight, extra long, even at 3 a.m. Because I will sure miss that little lump.

I’m not sure how I will do this.

I make cute babies

Just sayin.

Connor joined us on Tuesday at 2 a.m. A respectable 8 days early. Maybe all that whispering to my belly “I’ll love you most if you come early” actually worked!

Day 7…

Well, I am beginning to doubt the doctor’s prediction of 10 days or less. I am also beginning to consider other, natural alternatives. I have to remember that I’m only 2 weeks away, regardless, and that really isn’t so much time. However, I’m still wishing my doctor hadn’t given me the “ten days or less” prediction because now I REALLY want it to happen in 10 days or less…

Things I did for pregnancy 1 which I will not be trying for pregnancy 2:

  • A-1 sauce on mac and cheese
  • pineapple, fresh, ripe pineapple by the caseload (ok I probably “only” ate 1-2 a day but my mouth was raw from it!)
  • eggplant parmesan

Things I did try for pregnancy 1 (which didn’t work) which I am also trying for pregnancy 2:

  • spicy foods
  • lots of walking
  • nipple stimulation (um, yes, but instead of the pump for 3 hours a day for 3 days, I just tried it one time for about an hour)
  • sauerkraut

Things I did not try for pregnancy 1 which I am considering trying for pregnancy 2:

  • castor oil

Castor oil sounds vile but apparently it works in something like 57% of women. I figure it has to be better than Pitocin, but I am not sure.

And then there’s this other, crazy idea that I could just let the baby come when he’s ready. WEIRD.


I’m in the midst of once per week doctor’s appointments now, and after the experience with Brady, where I drug Travis along to every single one because OHMYGOD THE DOCTOR COULD PUT ME IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW AND WE COULD HAVE A BABY TODAY, I have calmed down a bit this time. You see, Brady burned me by being eons late, and I have just resigned myself to the fact that my vagina’s nickname is Fort Knox and there will be no early parole for anyone.

However. Today. at 37 weeks. My doctor said it will happen in the next 10 days or less.

Holeeeeeyshit. We are seriously not ready for this.

And even less ready? Mr. Brady, who is going to have to share mama and papa. Yikes.

The things that keep me entertained…

Now that Amendment 64 passed in Colorado, which legalizes and regulates recreational marijuana, a girlfriend and I are coming up with names for our new chain of stores.


  • Weed ‘n Feed (gotta get your Cheetos, too!)
  • Pot Stop
  • Mountain High
  • Bowl Hole
  • Fly High (airport location)



I have been a bit, well, intrigued with election results - and there aren’t even any in yet. So I, along with the rest of y’all, will wait.

It sounds like there are some shenanigans going on (as there always are) and I hope this result isn’t marred in controversy like it has been in years past. My ultimate hope is that the winner is so clear cut everyone else will bow down and accept it and get over it.  Unless, of course, the winner is Romney.

(Did you notice how yesterday I tried to be all PC and unbiased? Yeah, I thought about doing that here, too.)

In other news, I am seeing a lot of people post things they are thankful for on Facebook this month. Since my cup overfloweth, I’ve decided if I’m ever stumped for posts I will do a “gratitude” post or two. I love it when people express gratitude and appreciate what they’ve got. It makes me feel all warm and snuggly.


I hope everyone gets out and rocks the vote tomorrow (or mails their ballot, or early voted, or whatever). I think voting is so ridiculously important and I just don’t understand the people who don’t do it. I had a friend tell me this weekend he was “proud” that he’d never even registered to vote. W.T.F. Of course, he’s also from Nebraska, and things are just a leeeeeetle backwards out in dem dar parts. But still.

I am very passionate about politics and don’t understand how roughly half of the country can disagree with me. But, election after election, they do. I guess this is why we continue to do what we do - supporting, donating time and money, sharing news, educating ourselves, and most importantly, voting. I know this is a very heated year and there is a lot on the line. Please vote. Especially if you are for my guy. But even if you’re for the other guy. The system’s not perfect, but we are lucky to live in this country and this is one thing that we can do FOR our country. Just do it.

</Lecture over>

Daylight Savings Time: 1; Me: 0

So it is 6:30 at night and I had to get myself up out of bed and travel to the living room to write this post. Yes, the clock change won.

Brady is a consistent 11-12 hour sleeper, but when one goes to bed at 6, that means up at 5. And that means up at 4:22 on the “new” time. FML.

We alternate nights and I got screwed this time around. So I’ve been up with the little man since that god-awful early time and it’s sooooooo dark out and… well… zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Night, y’all. Even though it’s only evening.

Home is where the House is…

For the past few weeks/months, we have been looking for a new house. We know generally the area we would like to be in, but finding THE HOUSE has been a chore and majorly trying on our relationship. For example, the part of the neighborhood we love is completely sold out. New houses are being built in (what we feel) is a slightly less desirable area. But there is ONE house in the area we like. However, Travis doesn’t like the exterior color. Oh, and the basement is unfinished. Because the 3,000 OTHER square feet are not enough… but I digress.

Now Travis has decided he wants a house in a TOTALLY NEW area and I screamed and pulled out a few hairs and now we are back at the drawing board. Can someone smack him over the head and tell him to buy me the house I want, please? I mean really, what’s not to love about this house? Plus, it comes with the added bonus of ALREADY BEING BUILT and we could be in by Christmas. AND it has what my in-laws call a “doobie porch” off the master bedroom. PIMP.

We had to take classes in SPIN selling at work and it is totally time I practiced my skills. Wish me luck, y’all.




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